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Creating Custom Fields

You can create your own unique fields for your payment page. These fields can be used to capture additional information from customers or simply to be used as pass-through variables for your checkout process. To create a new custom field:

  • Select Payment Pages in the top menu
  • Click on Edit Custom Fields

Custom fields are universal for all your payment pages. A list of current custom fields are displayed on this page. You can make changes to current fields or create a new one by clicking Add Custom Field.

Name - The variable name of the field. This name is only used of data is sent to the payment page via POST or GET. Display Name - The field name to be displayed on the payment page. Type - The type of field. Fields can be text, drop-down or checkboxes. Value - The default value of the field. For drop-downs and checkboxes, use ; as a separate between values. For example, the drop-down field "Colors" could have "red;blue;green" as possible options.

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