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Suspected Fraud - Code 10 Check

If you suspect fraud, or are suspicious of a card or cardholder, at any time during the transaction authorization process you need to make a Code 10 call.

The Code 10 is an authorization request that alerts the card issuer to the suspicious activity without alerting the customer. During a Code 10 call, you will speak to the card issuer's special operator, who will provide instructions on any necessary action.

Contact Details
Voice Authorizations Center 1 (866) 508-5855
Elavon Visa/Mastercard Merchant ID (starts with 801 or 802)
  1. Call Authorization Centre and say "I have a Code 10 Authorization Request"
  2. You will then be transferred to the card issuer and immediately connected to a special operator.
  3. A series of yes/no questions will be asked to determine whether you are suspicious of the card or cardholder.
  4. Follow all operator instructions. If the operator asks you to retain the card, comply with this request only if it is safe to do so.

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