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Follow these steps to use the Helcim Payment Plugin with Drupal 8.


Helcim Commerce Setup

In order to use the Helcim Commerce API, you must enter your Helcim Commerce account ID as well as an API token in the Drupal plugin setup.

For instructions on generating an API token with the correct permissions, click here.

For instructions on how to find your account ID, click here.

Drupal Plugin Installation

Copy and paste the Helcim folder in the Copy and paste the Helcim folder in the /sites/all/modules/ubercart/payment Directory at

Drupal Setup

Login to your Drupal8 website When Ubercart is installed, in the upper-left corner click Manage

Then Extend
Now you need to enable the following plugins: Under Ubercart - Core check the following: Cart, Country, Order, Product, Store
Under Ubercart - Core(Optional) check the following: Payment, Shipping Quotes, Tax
Under Ubercart - Payment check the following: Credit Card and Helcim Credit Card
At the bottom of the page click the blue Install button
Next, click Manage then Store
Followed by Configuration and Payment methods
Choose Helcim Gateway under ADD PAYMENT METHOD
Next enter the required information into the text boxes.


Please visit to create a developer sandbox account.


Please note that the Helcim Commerce platforms requires Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 to process payments. Any older versions (TLS1.1 / TLS1.0 / SSLv3) will have connections rejected.

For more information on Helcim's API, our support article here.

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