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Login Issue or Cannot Select Account ID

The information in this article is for merchants using Helcim's Legacy System. If you signed up for Helcim on or after June 1, 2020, please click here.

Issue Unable to login to Helcim Commerce Mobile / Can't select Account ID or Default Terminal Merchant Account

To ensure it's not a configuration issue, please try the following:

  • Login to from a computer and make sure to accept the terms of use
  • Then uninstall and reinstall the Helcim Commerce Mobile app on the device
  • Now try logging in and selecting the account ID and default terminal

If still unable to see the options to proceed, please contact our Support Team at 1-877-643-5246. Make a note of the device you are using. We will need to make sure the device is running a supported OS (must be at minimum iOS 9 or Android 4 or later versions).

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