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Accept Credit Card (Manually Keyed)

Please note that if you are processing a Visa/ MasterCard Debit card in Canada, you must fill in the AVS info (step 10 below).

Click New Transaction from the Dashboard and choose Credit Card

  • Enter the amount.
  • Choose the type of transaction you are processing (Purchase, Preauth, or Refund)
  • Toggle tax calculation on or off.
  • Choose whether the customer is able to add tips to the transaction (not available for Preauth or Refund).
  • Choose whether the customer has to sign once the transaction is approved.
  • If you would like to associate a customer and/or an order, toggle “Optional Fields” on and fill in the information.
  • Press Continue

  • If applicable, unplug the reader or choose Manual Credit Card Entry
  • Fill in the card number, expiration date, and Security (CVV) code.
  • Toggle the Optional Address Verification to enter AVS information. Please note anything entered in the Optional Fields, will automatically transfer here, but can be changed manually.
  • Click Process Payment

  • If Tips are enabled, customer can then choose what percentage to tip; please note the tip amount will be on the total before taxes. These percentages can be adjusted in your Settings.
  • If signature is enabled, the customer must sign before proceeding. The signature will be stored with the transaction in your Commerce account.

  • The next screen will give you the option to e-mail the receipt to the customer, which can also be skipped.

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