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Manage Invoice and Merchandise Settings

You can use the Merchandising and Invoicing settings included in your Helcim Account to make it easier to keep track of your products and control the settings and options available for your inventory, invoices, and POS.

You are also able to create discount codes for customers and edit your available shipping methods. To access the Invoice and Merchandising settings, click on the Settings icon from the top right-hand corner of your account. This icon is available from any page within your account. Next, click on Merchandising and Invoicing to view the different customization options.

Inventory Settings

Clicking on Inventory Settings will show you the different options for the Online Store, Hosted Payment Pages, Retail Store (Point-of-Sale), Admin Orders, and Inventory Warnings. By default, all of these options will be turned On. If you would like to turn any of the options off, simply toggle the radio button to Off. Use the Online Store options to manage your product inventory, decide if you want to allow customers to submit back orders, and if you want your inventory count displayed online. The Retail Store options control how product inventory is managed and updated in your Point-of-Sale. Toggle the radio buttons On or Off if you want to manage and update the inventory levels or allow backorders. Admin Order settings are applied when you’re creating invoices from within your Helcim account, turning on Manage and Update Inventory Levels will automatically update your inventory when you’re adding products to an invoice. The automated email for Low Inventory Warning will be set to On by default. You can use this option to adjust when you would like to be notified. Toggling the radio button to On will open a text field that you can adjust for when you want to be notified of low inventory. If you make any changes to the Inventory Settings click Save in the top right-hand corner of your screen to apply the changes.

Invoice Settings

General Settings You can customize your invoice settings depending on how your business wants to collect payments. Clicking on the drop-down box under General Settings lets you select the default payment terms; you can select a range between 0-180 days.

Invoice Number Formatting Each Invoice you create will include an Invoice Number, the default options are displayed in the screenshot above, but you can customize the options to match your business needs.

Customer Invoice Setings Send Invoice Due to Customers: Use the drop-down menu to select if and when customers are notified of due invoices.
Invoice View Mode: Select the email template that will be sent to your customer. Choose between Customer Portal or Online Invoice View.
Allow Partial Payment: Toggle the radio button On to allow customers to submit partial payments.

Admin Invoice Edit Determine how the system calculates the Tax Location by selecting Merchant Terminal or Customer using the drop-down. Merchant Terminal will apply taxes to orders based on where you (or the terminal) is located, while Customer will apply taxes based on your customer location.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Settings

Set up your POS to reflect your most commonly used options, so you can check out customers faster. Toggle the radio buttons On or Off to turn on the POS and allow discounts. You can use the drop-down menu to select the currency you offer your products or services in and to specify the assigned terminal to process transactions through. Turning the radio button to On will have the system automatically calculate the tax on your transactions. Use the drop-down in Tax Locations to specify which countries tax settings you want to use. Click Save to apply any changes you make to these settings.

Discount Codes

If you want to offer a special discount or promotion, you can set up the discount code under the Discount Codes settings.

See the full article here.

Shipping Methods

You can add a new Shipping Method by clicking on Shipping Methods under Merchandising and Invoicing in your Settings menu.

To add a new option, click on New Shipping Method in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Next, you can specify how you want to ship products to customers.

  • Name – What you want to call this Shipping Option. If you have more than one option be sure to select something clear and easy to understand
  • Type – Select how you will be shipping products from the options available in the drop-down menu
  • Shipping Region – Where you are shipping the products from
  • Free Shipping – You can toggle this option On or Off if you want to offer Free Shipping for customers who spend over a certain amount

Enter the shipping information for where you are located. Select your Country and Province or State from the drop-down menus and then manually enter your Postal or Zip Code. Click Save to apply your settings.

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