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Adding Page Content and Headers & Footers

Customize the content that is included in your customer portal.

Header & Footer

You can add in a custom Header and Footer to your Customer Portal, to edit this content click on Header and Footer from the Customer Portal menu. To activate the sections, toggle the radio buttons to On for each option. This will open the text boxes where you can enter content for you customers. Click Save to apply the changes

Page Content

You can edit the Page Content for the Home Page and the Login Page in your Customer Portal. To edit these pages, click on Page Content in the Customer Portal menu. Once you click on Page Content, you can see the editable page options and click on the page you want to edit. Once you click on the page, you will see the editable text block that you can enter content into. Enter the text you want included and use the menu options to edit and format it. Click the Save button to apply the changes.

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