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Customer Portal Theme Designer

Keep your Customer Portal consistent with your businesses brand by customizing the look and feel of the portal using the Theme Designer.

To access the Customer Portal Theme Designer, click on Theme Designer in the Customer Portal Menu. Once you are in the Theme Designer, you will see a right-hand sidebar menu with all of the different customization options. As you edit the options, you will be able to see the changes reflected in the preview on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can use the X in the corner to close the Theme Designer. The Palette Icon will re-open the Theme Designer. The top menu items let you navigate through the theme designer by:

  • Back to Portal Overview returns you to the Customer Portal landing page
  • Reset Design returns the theme to the default design
  • Save lets you apply any changes you have made to the Customer Portal The menu for the Theme Designer gives you several different customization options including: Logo: Upload your business logo by clicking on Upload Text Font: Change the font used in the portal by clicking on the drop-down menu You can click on the color icons for each option in the Theme Designer to change the available color options for your Customer Portal. Be sure to click Save to apply your changes when you are done editing.

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