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How to Import and Export Customer Data

Importing customer data can save you time on manual data entry, and help you avoid data errors.

Importing Customer Data

To import customer data into your Helcim Account click on Import / Export under Customers. Select the file type that you will be importing and click Next Select the file you want to import by clicking Browse.

If this is your first-time importing customer data into your Helcim Account, download the Sample File to see how the data needs to be formatted.

Review the data that is going to be imported, and if everything is correct click Confirm, if you need to make any changes you can click Back A confirmation message will confirm the data has been imported.

Exporting Customer Data

To export customer data from your Helcim Account click on Import / Export under Customers. Click on the export option you would like, and the data will automatically begin the download.

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