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What is a Customer Portal

The customer portal allows you to share account information and interact with your customers.

It is a secure website your customers can access anytime to view and modify their account information (including update credit card information), recurring plan details, historic and due orders, as well as make payments.

The look of the portal can be completely customized to reflect your business - by the robust built-in editor, or by programming your custom CSS.

Below is a list of all the features available for you and your customers with the customer portal:

  • View order and invoices.
  • Make notes on orders and invoices. You can share notes with your customer to update them on their order, i.e. disclosing a tracking number.
  • Customers can make payments for existing invoices in the portal.
  • Customers can modify information such as shipping and billing addresses. They can also modify cards - add new cards or update a card when it is about to expire. The portal can be set to verify new cards to ensure validity.
  • Split payments - if your customer decides they want to pay for an invoice with multiple cards or, at different times.
  • View plans - customers on subscription plans can view details of the plans (such as terms and pricing).
  • View merchant policies, contact information or any other information you would like to show your customers

You can set how much the customer is able to view or modify within the portal. The portal is enabled by default in Helcim. You can click here for instructions on disabling/enabling the Customer Portal and adjusting its setting to suit your needs.

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