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What is Customer Management

Many businesses deal with returning customers but often rely on unsecured spreadsheets or handwritten lists to keep credit card numbers on file.

Helcim's Customer Management feature lets you securely store your customer's billing, shipping, and credit card numbers on our secure servers. The feature enables you to build your customer database securely. Here is a list of benefits of the customer management feature:

  • Allows merchants to securely store their customers' billing, shipping, and credit card numbers on Helcim servers. This removes the liability of saving this information on the merchant's computers or server
  • Once added to the customer list, merchants can quickly re-bill, send an invoice, and add a customer to a subscription without having to re-enter their information.
  • Commerce tracks a customer's history for the merchant - past invoices, due orders, etc.
  • Generate, track and review customer notes.
  • Customer log allows merchants to review their interactions with the customer.
  • Merchants can provide access to the customer portal for their customer's convenience. From here the customer can:
    • Pay for current orders/invoices, review past orders and update their information like address and credit card info.
    • Review their past transactions and orders
    • Merchants can leave notes under each customer and make them either internal or public
    • Merchants can view product reviews that were left by the customer (for online stores)

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