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Response Fields

Response Fields for the credit card payments API's.

Field Name Type Description
message - XML structure
response Integer 1 = Success, 0 = Failure
responseMessage String The transaction response message.
notice Integer The transaction notice, such as "Order Updated".
transaction - XML structure
transactionId Integer The transaction ID.
type String The transaction type (purchase, refund, pre-auth, capture, verify).
date String The transaction date, format: YYYY-MM-DD
time String The transaction time, format: HH:MM:SS
cardHolderName String The cardholder's name.
amount Decimal The transaction amount.
currency String The transaction currency.
cardNumber String The credit card number (masked).
cardToken String The credit card token.
expiryDate String The credit card expiry date.
cardType String The credit card type.
avsResponse String The address verify (AVS) response.
cvvResponse String The CVV response.
approvalCode String The transaction approval code.
orderNumber String The order number.
customerCode String The customer code.
xml String The XML response (XML document format).

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