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New API Access

If you are looking for your Commerce account number, please refer to this support article.

To get started with the Helcim API, click on the Integrations icon and API Access Configurations.
If this is your first time visiting the API Access page, it will display a message that says, “No data found”. Click on New API Access to get started.

Enter the required information to create a new API access.

Field Name Value Type Description
Status On (or) Off Allows you to enable or disable the API
Name Text Field A nickname for the application using the API, such as "Website", "Mobile App" or "Shopping Cart".

Field Name Value Type Description
Transaction Processing On (or) Off Select the types of transactions that can be requested by through the API.
Terminals On (or) Off Select which terminal IDs can be used for processing.

Field Name Value Type Description
Access Restrictions (View / Modify / Delete) Checked (or) Unchecked You can control the access restrictions for this API token. For example, your application should be able to create customers, but not modify or delete them.

Field Name Value Type Description
Allow Full Card Number On (or) Off You can what pieces of the customer’s credit card information is accessible
Allow No CVV On (or) Off If payments can be processed with or without the CVV

Click on Save to create the API

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