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QuickBooks Desktop Integration Setup

If you use QuickBooks for Desktop you can integrate QuickBooks with your Helcim Account. To setup the integration, click on Integrations and QuickBooks Desktop Settings.

You need to have your QuickBooks Desktop account setup before you can integrate your Helcim Account with QuickBooks.

You will need to select the default settings that you want to use based on how you have your QuickBooks account setup. Continue completing the text boxes based on your preferences. Click on Save to apply your changes. Next, click on Tax Accounts under the QuickBooks Desktop menu. Now enter your tax settings:

  • Create a default option so unclassified taxes are sorted to that category
  • For each Region/Province/State, you can add a Tax Account name (see the example below)
  • When Exporting Orders to QuickBooks Desktop, taxes will appear as line items, posted to the appropriate account

Tips for importing your data: You should import in the following order: 1. Customers; 2. Products; 3. Orders (Due to QuickBooks limitations, transactions (payments) cannot be imported) and you should export in the following order: 1. Customers; 2. Products; 3. Orders; 4. Transactions. Import refers to moving data from QuickBooks to Helcim and export refers to moving data from Helcim to QuickBooks.

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