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Test Credit Card Numbers

The Helcim Commerce API is not limited to a particular set of credit card numbers.

However, certain rules apply when using test credit card:

Compliance Rules

  • Real credit cards should never be used for testing, as per PCI-DSS compliance requirements.
  • Test cards should only be sent along with the test=1 field, or on a developer sand-box.
  • Test cards should not be used during live processing as these will be declined by the card networks and processing charges will occur.

Test Cards

  • Test cards must pass the Luhn algorithm, also known as the MOD 10 check.
  • (*) Any valid expiry date can be used, but must be greater than the current month.
  • For approval, it is recommended that you use "100" as the CVV value.
  • (*) The CVV value can also be used to simulate various test responses.

Below is a list of valid test credit cards. You can also use a card-number generator.

Card Type Card Number Expiry Month* Expiry Year* CVV*
Mastercard 5413330089099130 01 25 100
Mastercard 5413330089020011 01 25 100
Visa 4124939999999990 01 25 100
Visa 4000000000000028 01 25 100
American Express 374245001751006 01 25 100
American Express 30569309025904 01 25 100
Discover Card 6011973700000005 01 25 100
Discover Card 6011450103333333 01 25 100

Test Bank Account for EFT/ACH Payments

When testing EFT/ACH payments, you can use any valid routing number, combined with a bank account number between 4-17 digits. Below is a list of valid test bank accounts:

Financial Institution Routing (Transit) Number Bank Account Number
US Bank 122235821 100200300
US Bank 107002312 16579845
Chase 122100024 1234546548
Chase 322271627 6658745231
Citibank 266086554 244122348
Citibank 271070801 10238775445

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