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This guide will walk you through the steps to integrate your Helcim Commerce account with WHMCS.

Before getting started you will need the following:

Download the Module


  • WHMCS 7.4
  • Helcim Commerce account with gateway feature enabled. Please contact us to have this feature enabled on your account.
  • The Helcim module for WHMCS (link above)
  • PHP with cURL module enabled
  • Valid SSL cert and PCI DSS validation

Notice Regarding Security

While this module uses tokenization for card storage due to the way WHMCS is currently designed there are instances where local storage will be used. WHMCS will only call the storeremote function after a client has at least one invoice set to the Helcim Gateway. This is currently a feature request with WHMCS, more information can be found at:

Helcim Commerce | Getting an API Token

  1. Log into your Helcim Commerce account
  2. Go to the API access page "Integrations > API Access"
  3. Click New API Access
  4. Ensure Status is set to "Active", and enter a nickname for the token you will use (example: WHMCS Token)
  5. Check all options for transactions (example: process, view, void, refund, and settle)
  6. Check the terminal you will be using to process payments
  7. Press Save
  8. Copy the token seen under your entered "Nickname"

WHMCS Installation

  1. Extract helcimcommerce.php to: /modules/gateways/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin in the WHMCS Admin area through the "Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways" menu
  3. Choose "Helcim Commerce" from the "Activate Module" drop-down and click Activate
  4. Make sure "Show on Order Form" is ticked
  5. Enter the title to display on the payment selection portion of the checkout page
  6. Enter your Account ID and API Token (created above)
  7. Enter the gateway URL. Use:
  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Always be sure to process a test transaction before enabling a payment gateway into live production.

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