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Multiple Currencies in WooCommerce

By default, the Helcim Commerce plugin for WooCommerce supports a single merchant account and currency.

However, you can modify the plugin in order to support both CAD + USD by following the steps below.

Please note that this article is only applicable for plugins v3.0.0. and above. Please refer to the Legacy Article here if you are using versions below 3.0.0.

To process with Multiple Currencies, it requires both CAD and USD merchant account to work correctly. If you signed up for Helcim prior to June 1, 2020 and have a multi-currency merchant account, it is not supported at this time.

Modification Instructions

  • Install the Helcim Commerce WooCommerce Plugin, following these instructions.
  • On your Helcim Commerce API Configuration, add access to 2 terminals(USD and CAD)
  • When setting up the plugin in WooCommerce, enter the CAD Helcim Commerce Terminal Id in your settings.
  • Modify the plugin's php file.
    • the file is called (HelcimDirectService.php) and it should be located at: wp-content/plugins/helcim-commerce-for-woocommerce/classes/HelcimDirectService.php depending on your WordPress and WooCommerce installation.
    • The code to modify should be found approx. at line 130 (see "Original Plugin Code" sample to the right)
    • Modify the php with the new code (see sample on the right)
    • Enter your USD Helcim Commerce API Terminal Id as part of the php code, where it says "CHANGE_TO_USD_TERMINAL_ID”
  • Test a transaction in each currency before going to production.

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