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Multiple Currencies in WooCommerce

By default, the Helcim Commerce plugin for WooCommerce supports a single merchant account and currency.

However, you can modify the plugin in order to support both CAD + USD by following the steps below.

Modification Instructions

  • Install the Helcim Commerce WooCommerce Plugin, following these instructions.
  • On your Helcim Commerce API Configuration, add access to 2 terminals(USD and CAD)
  • When setting up the plugin in WooCommerce, enter the CAD Helcim Commerce Terminal Id in your settings.
  • Modify the plugin's php file.
    • The file is called (class-wc-commerce-helcim.php) and it should be located at: wp-content/plugins/helcim-commerce-for-woocommerce/class-wc-commerce-helcim.php depending on your WordPress and WooCommerce installation.
    • The code to modify should be found approx. at line 335 (see "Original Plugin Code" sample to the right)
    • Modify the php with the new code (see sample on the right)
    • Enter your USD Helcim Commerce API Terminal Id as part of the php code, where it says “CHANGE_TO_USD_TERMINAL_ID”
  • Test a transaction in each currency before going to production.

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