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An Overview of Helcim Invoicing

Quickly request payments from customers using Helcim Invoicing.

Getting Started

If you are just getting started with Helcim Invoicing, start by reviewing the Invoice Theme Designer to design the look and feel of your invoices. You are in control of what information is included in the invoice and how the invoice looks and feels, so you can match your invoices to your businesses brand for a seamless customer experience.

To keep you and your customers informed of when new invoices are created, and payments are due, your Helcim Account includes automated emails that are turned on by default. You can review the email settings and content through the Settings section of your account to set up the email alerts and notifications. These are the emails that we recommend you review before creating your first invoice:

  • New Invoice
  • Invoice Paid
  • Invoice Due Reminder - Customer Portal
  • Invoice Due Reminder - Online Invoice View
  • New Invoice Public Note - Customer Portal
  • New Invoice Public Note - Online Invoice View

You can set up your default invoice options under the Settings section of your Helcim Account by clicking on Manage Invoice and Merchandising Settings.

Once you have customized the look and feel of your invoices, start by creating your first invoice to see how easy it is to add existing customers and products to a new order. Finally, Helcim Invoicing communicates directly with Helcim Payments, making it easy to process a payment for any of your outstanding invoices.

Knowing how to create and process a payment for an invoice can help your business get paid faster and gives you a centralized database for tracking your payments. Use our support documents and helpful tips as you learn more about what Helcim Invoicing can do for your business.

Next Steps

Learn more about all the different things Helcim Invoicing can do in these tutorials:

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