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Creating an Invoice

You can quickly create and send customized invoices directly from your Helcim Account.

Sending an invoice makes it easy for customers to submit an online payment for their purchases. To create an invoice, click on the Invoices tab under Invoicing in your Helcim Commerce account. In the top right-hand corner, click on ‘New Invoice’ to get started. Selecting New Invoice will open up a new screen where you can enter the Invoice Information. You can go through each input field on this screen to enter the information specific to this purchase including:

Invoice Information

  • Type – For more information on the types of invoices you might create, check out our support article here.
  • Order Number – This number will be automatically generated, or you can manually enter your own Order Number
  • Currency – The currency the invoice will be paid in
  • Status – What is the current status of the transaction? Options include canceled, paid, shipped, completed, or refunded Associate Customer If you want to assign the invoice to a new customer, select Add New Customer to enter new customer information. If you are assigning the invoice to an existing customer, their information will populate once you click on the customer name.

Invoice Details

  • Date Issued – When are you issuing the invoice, most often this will be the current date
  • Date Paid (If Applicable) – If a customer has already paid for an invoice be sure to make note of it here
  • Payment Terms – When payment will be due for the invoice
  • PO Number – This field is optional, it can be used if you want to reference a previous Purchase Order submitted by a customer

After you have added all the required information, and assigned the appropriate customer, click on ‘Create Invoice’ to generate the invoice. You are now able to assign the applicable products and services to the invoice and make any final changes.
SKU - Search for an existing SKU from your product catalog, or manually enter the SKU using the text box.
Description - This will auto-populate based on the SKU you select, or you can manually enter it.
QTY - Confirm the quantity of the item being purchased, if you want to enter a partial number for the quantity, you need to edit the Order Item Information tab under the Invoice Theme Designer settings.
Price - If you select a product from your product catalog this will auto-populate, you can also manually edit the price.

Click on Add Row to continue adding products until you're done.

You are also able to search for a discount for the purchase, add in shipping details, edit the shipping amount, and change the applicable taxes.

Once all the purchase details have been added click on Save to finalize your changes. You can view your latest invoices in your list of Recent Invoices.

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