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Existing Invoice Actions

In many cases, creating an invoice is only the first step to getting paid, once an invoice has been created, you will often need to view, print, email, or duplicate the information to best serve your customers.

By clicking on an existing invoice within the Invoices section of your Helcim account, you can perform a variety of actions including view online, print, create PDF, send email copy, duplicate the invoice, send an email due reminder, or process a payment.

These options are available under the Actions drop-down button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

If you want to cancel an invoice you will need to click on the Edit button instead and change the status of the invoice.

Here is a breakdown of how to perform each of these actions:

View Online

Selecting View Online will open your invoice in a new browser window. This will let you see what the invoice will look like for your customers.

Here is an example of the online view: You also have the option of downloading the invoice as a PDF, or viewing the notes if there are any attached to the invoice.

If the invoice has not been paid yet, you will have an additional option to Pay Now and a reminder notice of when the invoice is due.


Selecting Print will open the invoice in a new window and display your computer's printing options.

Create PDF

You can download your invoice as a PDF by selecting ‘Create PDF', a pop-up message will indicate that the PDF is being successfully downloaded to your device.

Send Email Copy

If you want to send a copy of the invoice by email to your customer, click on Send Email Copy then enter their email and click Send.

Send Pay Now Email

Selecting Send Pay Now Email will send an email to let a customer know that they have an outstanding invoice they need to submit payment for.

This option will be available if the invoice is in DUE status. Sending an pay now email will send the customer an invoice that includes a Pay Now button making it easy for your customers to complete their payment.

Click on Send Pay Now Email to open the email options. The form will auto-populate with the customer's information that is saved in your account. You can click through the text boxes to edit the To, From, Subject, and Email Body fields.
Once you are happy with the content for the email, click on Send in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
You will see a confirmation message pop-up in the top right-hand corner of your screen confirming the message has been sent.
When your customer opens the URL in the email they will see a copy of their invoice that includes three different action items, including the Pay Now button.

Duplicate Invoice

If a customer is submitting an order that is similar to their previous one, it may be faster to duplicate a previous invoice, instead of starting from scratch.

Click on Duplicate Invoice Select Yes you are sure you want to duplicate this invoice. Selecting Yes will generate a new invoice and a new order number which you can then edit as required.

Process New Payment

Clicking on Process New Payment will let you process a transaction for a DUE invoice.
After you've clicked on Process New Payment, simply click on the transaction type and enter the transaction details.

Make Recurring

Selecting Make Recurring will allow you to create a recurring payment plan using the details on that invoice.
Learn more about how to create a Recurring Invoice here.

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