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Configuring Your Online Store

Set up your online store to make it easier for customers to purchase from your business, so you can sell more.

To get started with your online store, click on Online Store and Online Store Configuration from the menu in your Helcim Account. You are now able to customize the configuration of your online store.


Active: Toggle the radio button On to turn on the online store
URL: This is the link customers can use to visit your online store. If you would like to use a custom URL check out our support article on Domain Settings
Store Title: Use the text box to enter the name of your online store
Store Logo: Upload a copy of your store logo
Store Icon: Upload a copy of the icon you would like to use for your store
Default Language: Select the primary language for your online store
Blog: Toggle the radio button On to turn on the blog for the online store
Show Product Review: Toggle the radio button On if you would like to show customer reviews for your products in your online store


Ecommerce: Toggle the radio button to On to activate the ecommerce settings

Customer Login
Login Required to Checkout: Toggle the radio button On if you want to require customers to sign into the online store to checkout

Customers will use the same login information for the online store and the customer portal.

Shipping and Discounts
Calculate Shipping: Toggle this button On to enable the system to calculate the shipping costs based on your Shipping Settings.
Allow Different Shipping Address: Toggle this button to On to allow customers to enter a different shipping address from the billing address. Although it can have somewhat of an impact on legitimate sales, by only allowing the shipping destination to be the same as the billing address, you can greatly reduce your exposure to fraud. Fraudsters will often use the billing address of the stolen cardholder but will put their own address for the shipping destination.
Allow Discount Code: Toggle this button to On to allow customers to use discount codes you’ve created

Payment Settings
Customers Have to Agree to Payment Terms: If this button is toggled to On your customers will be required to put a checkmark by Agree to Payment Terms on the checkout page before proceeding. These can be modified under Store Content
Credit Card Preauth Only: If this button is set to On, all purchases will go through as pre-authorizations only. This is used when you want to review the order before you agree to fulfill it and accept the payment. Once an order is reviewed, you can capture the transaction and collect payment. If you choose not to fulfill the order for security or other reasons, the pre-authorized amount on the credit card will be returned to the customer in 10-30 days, depending on the policies of the customer's bank.

Tax Calculation
Tax Location: Use the drop-down menu to select whether you want the tax to be calculated based on the customer address or if you want to create a custom setting.
Country: If you selected Custom for the tax location you need to select which country you want to calculate taxes based on.
State/Province: If you selected Custom for the tax location, you need to select which State or Province you want to calculate taxes based on.

Social Media

Enter your social media handle (username) for each of the platforms noted above into the text boxes. Your online store will display clickable icons to each of the different social media websites.

Custom Code

Use this text box to enter any custom code you want to apply to your website. To write Javascript, wrap your code using the tag <script>. To write CSS, wrap your code using the tag <style>. You can also use this text box to enter tracking codes from your preferred analytics site. For example, from Google Analytics.

Click Save to apply your changes.

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