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Customizing Your Online Store Using the Theme Editor

You can use the Theme Editor in the Online Store to create a beautiful website that reflects your brand.

To get started, click on Online Store and then click on Theme Editor The Online Store will open in a new window with the Theme Editor in a sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen.

At any time you can:
Click Save to save your Theme or Undo to undo the last setting change.
Click on the button to change to the Theme section or the Style Manager.
Click on the left facing greater than button to collapse the Theme Editor.
Change Theme: Use the radio button's to apply different themes. Choose from the existing preset Available Themes (currently only Fancy Theme is available).
Style Manager: Use the radio button's to change your selections. Select the Helcim Preset styles, or create your own with a Custom Style.

Helcim Preset Styles

  • Default
  • Pop
  • Roman
  • Trendy

If you are creating a Custom Style, click on Personalize which will change the screen to the Personalize Menu. To save your Custom Style, click on the Pencil button and enter the Name in the New Style Name field, and then click the + button or Enter on your keyboard. To delete a Custom Style click on the Trash Can button and confirm by clicking on Delete in the pop up.

Click on Reset All Styles at any time to revert to the default settings for the Style Manager.


To adjust settings for any section, click on the section name or the + button for the drop-down options.

Global Options: The Global Options section changes the settings for the Online Store in its entirety. You can adjust the settings in the Options and your changes will be implemented live on the screen.

  • For Layout you can adjust: Width, Border Radius, Header Transparency and Color
  • For Text you can adjust: Size, Fonts, Spacing, Weight and Color
  • For Buttons you can adjust: Color, Size and Radius
  • For Images you can adjust: Style, Position, Height and Image List Density
  • For Hero Images you can adjust: Color, Text Options, Alignment, Button Options

To adjust the settings for a specific section of your Online Store first click on the section in the browser. In the Personalize section ensure that Override Globals is enabled and adjust the settings.

Customizable Section List

This displays all of the sections that you can create custom settings for. Any section listed with *** has custom settings that are overriding the Global Settings.


Click on Refresh or Rebuild to reflect any changes that may not have appeared while Customizing your theme. If you wish to exit the Theme Editor click on Exit which will close the window.

Display Mode

By clicking on the Display icon you can view how your Online Store will be displayed on different device types and aspects.

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