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Creating Custom Fields for Payment Pages

Configuring Custom Field Settings

Before you can add a custom field to a payment page, you need to ensure you have turned on the Custom Fields options under Settings. To activate this field, you can click on the Cog Icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen to open up the settings menu.

The Custom Fields option is located under Merchandising and Invoicing and Invoice Settings.

Once you have clicked on the Invoice Settings page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and toggle the radio button to On for Allow Custom Fields and click the Save button.
Once you click on save, the system will create a new option under the Invoice Settings menu on the right-hand side of your screen for Custom Fields. You are now able to credit custom fields for your payment pages by clicking on the Custom Fields menu option.
Use the text box to enter the details for your custom group and click on Add to create it.

Clicking on the newly created Custom Group will expand the options for the group, click on Add New Field to enter the custom field details.

Now, enter the details for your custom field.

Name: Enter that the custom field is called
Display Name: How you want the custom field to be displayed to your customer
Field Type: Use the drop-down to select if this field is a Textbox, Dropdown, Checkbox, or Radio Button
Default Value or Values: This field will change depending on the field type you select, you can use it to enter the different options for the field.
Required: Toggle the radio button On or Off depending on if you want the field to be required or not.

Click on Save to apply your changes.

Creating Custom Fields for Payment Pages

Once you have turned on your custom field settings and created the fields under your settings menu, you can begin creating a custom field for a payment page by clicking on Payment Pages and Payment Page List to view a list of your available payment pages. Next, select the payment page that you want to create a custom field for by clicking on the page. To begin creating the Custom Fields, select the Custom Fields option from the Payment Page menu on the right-hand side of your screen. You will now see a list of the Custom Fields you created under Settings, Merchandising and Invoicing and Invoice Settings. If you would like to create a new custom field, you can follow the support article here. You can determine the settings for your different custom options by checking the boxes next to each option to determine if the option will show on your page, is editable by customers, and to set it as a required field or not. Click Save to apply your changes or Clear to remove your selections.

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