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How to Create a Buy Button

If you want to create a Buy Button for one of your payment pages, you can do so by logging into your Helcim account and clicking on Payment Pages from the left-hand features menu and then selecting Payment Page List to view a list of your available payment pages. Next, select the payment page that you want to create the Buy Button for by clicking on the page from your list of available payment pages. Select Buy Button Generator from the menu on the right-hand side of your screen. You can now select the type of button that you would like to create and click Next. Next, enter the button settings. The type of button that you select on the previous screen to affect the information that you need to enter on the Button Settings screen.

You can enter an amount for this specific button. You can create many buttons with different amounts for the same payment page if you need. Total Amount: The purchase amount Invoice ID: The Invoice Number for the purchase Customer ID: The customer code

Product from Catalog
Use this option to create a button specifically for a product from your catalog. Search a Product: Select a product from your existing product list Product Quantity: The number of products to be purchased

Product Variant from Catalog
Use this option to add a product variant from your catalog for the customer to select. Search for a Product Variant: Select a product from your existing product variant list Product Variant Quantity: The number of products for that variant to be purchased

Custom Product
Use this option for custom product information. Manually enter the product details for the buy button.

If you have a recurring plan created and you would like a button to be a sign-up page for the recurring plan, select the plan you want using the drop down. Search for an existing recurring plan from within your Helcim Account.

Once you have entered the details for the Button Settings, click on Generate Code in the top right-hand corner of your screen. You can now copy and add the button to your page using the Generated Code results. Generated URL - If you click the Click Here you will be taken to the actual payment page to see what your buy button looks like. URL - This is the URL of the payment page. HTML - Simple Link – Select this option if you want to create a link for your website HTML - Form (POST) - Select this if you want a button that says Pay Now

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