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Capturing and Managing Pre-Authorized Transactions

Capturing a Pre-Authorized Transaction

Once you have completed a pre-authorization, you need to capture the funds using an approval code. This function will complete the pre-auth/capture action and charge the funds to the customer. Follow the steps below to capture the approval code.

First, you need to find the original pre-authorization transaction. To see instructions on how to search transactions please click here.

Once you have found the pre-authorization transaction, select it by clicking on it. You should see PREAUTH under Type of transaction. The transaction details will show, click on Capture in the Actions drop-down button on the top right-hand side of your screen. You will now be asked to confirm the capture amount, the text box will auto-populate with the original transaction amount. If you need to change the amount you can do so now. Once you have confirmed the amount to be processed, click on Process.
If you have selected to capture the full amount, a confirmation of capture will show. However, if you have selected to capture a different amount, the system will auto fill all required fields and you can change the amount you would like to capture before hitting Process.

The transaction will now show on the main page as a CAPTURE.

Managing Your Pre-Authorizations

To manage your pre-authorized transactions click on Payments then Credit Card Batches.
In the right-hand corner of your screen you will see a button that says Manage Pre-Authorizations. You can select a prefer date range if required and then click on the button.
You will now see a list of your available pre-authorized transactions click the box with the blue check mark to select the transactions you want to manage, or deselect the transactions you want to leave for now.

Once you are done selecting your transactions click on Next.
Now select the action you want to perform from the drop-down menu. You can select either Capture and Settle or Capture. This action will be applied to all of the transaction you had selected in the previous step. Once you have made your selection click on Process. You will see a confirmation message pop-up confirming the action has been completed.

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