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Exporting Transactions

If you want to export your transaction data from your Helcim Account to a CSV file or QuickBooks Desktop, you can do so by using the Export option under the Payments section of your account.

To get started click on Payments and Export. Next, select the type of file you would like to export, either a CSV File or QuickBooks Desktop and click Next. Select your export options using the drop-down menus.

  • User – You can export reports for specific account users or all users
  • Currency – Select the currencies you want to view a report for
  • Terminal – Specify which terminals you want to export transaction information for
  • Misc. Tenders – Specify if you want to include all or some of your Misc. Tender transactions
  • Start Date – The first day of the data range you want to export
  • End Date – The last day of the data range you want to export
  • Date Format – Select your preferred date format
  • Transaction Status – Which transactions you want to view, either all, approved, declined, or in-progress

Once you have customized all of your options, click on Export to generate your report. A confirmation message will appear confirming the export was successful.

Currently you are only able to export up to 6,000 transactions, if you are trying to export more then that the system will display a warning error.

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