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How to Process an EFT or ACH Transaction

Please note that you will need to have access granted to the EFT/ACH terminal for your user profile. If the EFT/ACH terminal is not visible, please contact the primary account user to request access. If you need to add EFT/ACH to your account, please contact the Helcim Gurus for assistance.

Processing an EFT/ACH Transaction from Payments

To process an EFT/ACH transaction click on Payments from within your Helcim account, then select Transactions. If you have EFT/ACH transactions enabled for your account, you can click on the tab titled EFT/ACH Transactions to see a list of your transactions, or to process a payment. If you have not yet processed any EFT/ACH Payments, you can click on New EFT Transaction to get started. Alternatively, you can also click on New Transaction and EFT/ACH Transaction in the top right-hand corner of your screen to begin processing the payment. Next, enter the transaction information. Select Terminal: The terminal you want to use for the transaction Transaction Type: Withdrawal – A Sale or Purchase
Amount: Type in the amount of the sale you are processing
Use the search menu to find the customer you want to process the transaction for.
Toggle the radio button On or Off depending on if you want to auto-generate an invoice for the transaction or not.

The customer’s bank account information will automatically populate with the information that is saved in their customer profile. If the customer has more than one bank account listed in their profile you can click on the downward facing arrow to specify which account this transaction is for. Click on Process to complete the transaction.

Processing an EFT/ACH Transaction from Customers

You are also able to process a transaction from within the customer list in your account. To process an EFT/ACH payment from Customers click on Customer List then select the name of the customer you want to process a transaction for. Once you have selected the customer that you want to process a transaction for click on New EFT/ACH Transaction from the menu on the right-hand side of your screen to access the EFT/ACH Transaction page. You can now repeat the same steps from the section above on Processing an EFT/ACH Transaction from Payments.

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