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Viewing and Searching Transaction History

Your Helcim Account includes a search feature that lets you review the transactions you have processed.

To review your recent transactions, click on Payments then Transactions to view the latest transactions page. This will bring you to an overview of your transactions. To search through your transaction history, you can use the Calendar icon in the right-hand corner of your screen to change the time frame you want to search through and the transaction type. If you only want to view transactions for one day, simply double-click on the day you want to view. Once you have the date range you want to review, you can tab through the different menu options at the top of your page to select Credit Card Transactions, Other Tender Transactions, or Transactions Totals. If you click on Transaction Totals, you will see a summary of the transactions during your specified time frame. You can then further review the transaction total using the secondary menu by clicking on Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Credit Card Totals, Cash, Debit Card (External), Other Tender Totals, and Grand Totals.

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