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Removing or Pausing a Subscriber from a Plan

If you need to edit the subscribers who are assigned to a recurring plan, you can do so by clicking on Recurring and Recurring Plans. Once you are on the Recurring Plans landing page, select the plan that the subscriber is assigned to. Next, click on Subscribers from the menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Now you can edit the subscriber (customer) who has requested changes to their account.

Deleting a Customer

If you need to delete a subscriber from a plan, you can do so on the main customer page by clicking on the Trash Can icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Click Yes to confirm the action and delete the customer from the plan.

Pausing a Subscriber

If a customer has asked to pause their account or you need to temporarily stop their subscription, you can do so by opening the Subscriber Information page by clicking on the subscriber that you need to edit. Scroll down to the Status drop-down and change the selected option from ACTIVE to INACTIVE, then enter the date you want the change to be effective. Click on Save to apply the changes. The subscriber status will change from active to canceled.

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