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What are Recurring Plans and Subscriptions?

What are recurring plans and subscriptions?

In your Helcim Account you can create Recurring Plans for simple or complex automatic billing cycles based on your needs. Each of these billing methods will allow you to add and customize initial setup fees, monthly fees, trial periods, and frequency of charges.

Below, you will find information on the three different types of recurring plan methods that are available:

Subscription Based Plans:

  • All customers will be billed following a chosen billing period start date and frequency
  • You can choose different days you would like each customer to be billed on

Cycle Based Plans:

  • All customers for this plan type will be billed on the same day

Pro-Rata Based Plans:

  • The recurring amount is prorated from the start date of the subscription to the next billing date of the plan

When you create a new plan in your Helcim Account, you are able to specify which type of recurring plan you want to create based on the product or service you offer.

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