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Store Details

If you have enabled the Store Details under the General page for your store settings, you can enter the details here.

Store Details

Tagline: Enter the title you want displayed on the button.
Content: Enter the content details or description you want displayed.
Map: If you toggle this radio button On your Store Details will display a Google Map image of your store location.

Additional Details

If you want to add more information or link to other websites, store locations, etc... you can enter this information under Additional Details.

Enable: Toggle this radio button On to enter your additional details.
Title: Use the text box to enter the title for this page.
Content: Use the text box to enter the content for this page.
Links: Toggle the radio button On if you want to add links to this page.

To add your new link you need to enter the title, an optional description, and a URL, then click on Add Link. Repeat these steps until you're done adding all your links.

Here is an example of what the Store Details will look like on your online store, this button will be on the bottom left-hand corner of your store.

Once the customer clicks on the button, they will see something like this:

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