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How to Add Policies

You can add a selection of different policies to your online store to keep customers informed on how your business handles orders, returns, shipping and privacy.

Adding a Contact Us and Return policy are mandatory to enable your online store. Until these two policies are added your store will be in test mode. The Merchant Policy, Privacy Policy, and Shipping Policy are all optional and you can add them at your discretion.

To create a new policy for your online store, click on Online Store in the left-hand menu bar of your account, then select Policies.

Once you have clicked on the Policies page, you can view the different policy options on the right-hand side of the screen. Click through these options to select the policy you want to add.
Once you have selected the policy you want to add or edit, use the drop down menu to select the policy title and use the text box to enter the content for the policy.
Once you are done adding or editing your policy, click on Save to apply your changes.

The General store setting page will show a Required Policies notice if you have not yet created a Contact Us or Return Policy for your online store. These policies are required to follow best practices for online payments and can help protect your business from chargebacks and customer complaints. Your Online Store will be in test mode until these policies are added.

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