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Adding a Variant to a Product

You can add variants to your products to differentiate between things such as sizes, colors, or other custom variants.

Use variants when you want to make it required for a customer to make a selection before they can add an item to their cart or make a purchase. If you want to add optional selections, you can use Product Add Ons.

You can begin adding variants after adding a product or while editing an existing product from your product catalog. To add a variant, start by clicking on Products, then Product List and selecting the product you want to edit.
Once you have selected the product you want to edit, click on Advanced Options from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Next, toggle the radio button for Variants to On. When this button is On, there you will see Variants under the Product menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Use the text box to type in the Option Name for your variant so it's easily recognizable, then enter the Option Value for the different choices. For example, the Option Name could be Size, and the Option Value could be Small, Medium, and Large. Once you've entered your information, click on Add to create the variant. If your product has multiple variants, you can continue adding the different options here. When you are done adding variants, click on Next. Clicking Next will move you to the Generated Variants page where you can enter additional details for your products using the text boxes. If one of the attributes doesn't apply to your product, you can skip over it. Weight, Length, Width, Height, Price, Sales Price, Wholesale Price, and Cost : All the information can be individual adjusted here using the text boxes.
SKU: A SKU will be automatically generated for each variant that is created. Here you can adjust the SKU if you wish to have a different SKU.
Barcode: Barcodes can be adjusted for each variant.
Image: If you'd like to add additional images for each variant, you can upload them now.

Once you are done editing the variants, click on Save to apply your changes, or Back if you need to make changes to your original product options.

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