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Creating a New Plan

Create different types of subscription plans to meet your business needs.

To create a new subscription plan, click on Subscription Management then Plans from inside your Helcim account. If you have not yet created any subscription plans for your account, you will see a blank page. Click on New Plan to get started. Next, enter the details for your new plan. Status: Toggle the radio button to On to enable the plan, if you want to pause the plan or deactivate it, you can toggle the button to Off.
Name: Use the text box to specify the name for the subscription.
Code/SKU: Enter the Product Code or SKU for the subscription.
Description: Add a brief description of what the subscription is for.

Plan Structure

Recurring Amount: Enter the amount for the plan
Billing Method: The type of subscription plan you want to create, choose from Cycle Based, Pro-Rata Based, and Subscription Based. For more details on plan types check out our article here.

Billing Settings

Repeat every: Select how often you want to bill your customer, you can use the drop-down to choose between days, weeks and months.
Specific Days: If you've selected a Cycle Based or Pro-Rata Based billing method you can select the specific day of the month that you want to bill the customer. If you have selected a Subscription Based plan there won't be the option to select a specific day.
Start Date: The date you want the subscription to start.
Cycles: How many times you want the plan to repeat, leave as 0 if you want the plan to continue with no end date.

Subscriptions with start dates of the 1st to 27th will be billed every month on the same date. Ex.) A start date of Jan 2nd will be billed on Feb 2, Mar 2, Apr 2, etc. Subscriptions with start dates on the 28th will be billed at the end of the month. Ex.) A start date of Jan 31st will be billed at the end of Feb, end of March, end of May, etc.

Initial Amount / Fee

Setup/Initial Amount ($): If you want to charge the customers and initial payment amount please enter it here.
Setup/Initial Billing: Use the drop-down menu to select between Bill on First Cycle and Bill on Signup.

Payment Settings

Currency: Use the drop-down menu to confirm the currency for the subscription plan.
Terminal: Use the drop-down menu to confirm which terminal to use.

Advanced Settings

Click on Show Advanced to view additional options for your subscription plan.

Automatic Recurring: Toggle this radio button On to automatically renew the subscription plan.

Tax Settings:
Taxable: Use the drop-down menu to select how this plan is taxable. Tax Location: Specify how the tax is calculated, either through your business location or the customer's.

Trial Settings:
Trial Period (Days): If you offer a trial period you can specify the number of days it is applicable for here.
Trial Auto Subscribe: Toggle the radio button to On if you want customers to automatically be subscribed to your subscription plan once their trial period is complete.

Customer Portal Settings:
Show in Customer Portal: Toggle to On or Off if you want customers to be able to view the plan through their customer portal.
Editable: Toggle to On or Off if you want customers to be able to make changes to their subscription through the customer portal.
Cancelable: Toggle to On or Off if you want customers to be able to unsubscribe through the customer portal.

When you are done setting all of your subscription plan settings click on Create in the top right-hand corner of your screen to generate the plan.
You plan will now be created and show on the Subscription Management page of your Helcim account.

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