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Creating Add-Ons for Subscribers

An add-on will let you add extras to your recurring plans.

You can include add-ons in three different formats: metered, quantity or one-time extras. To get started with creating an add-on click on Subscription Management and Plans to view your list of available plans.

Creating the Add-On

Click on the plan that you want to create the add-on for. Next, select Plan Add-Ons from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. This will open the Plan Add-Ons page. To create a new entry, click on New Add-On in the top right-hand corner of your screen. You can now enter the add-on information. Add-On Information
Name: What you want the add-on to be called
Code/SKU: The product reference from your product catalog
Amount: What the add-on will cost your customer
Type: Use the drop-down to choose between three options; quantity, metered, and one-time

The Type drop down menu will give you 3 options:
Quantity - this allows you to provide the customer with a certain quantity of the add-on at a determined price per unit, for example, training sessions.
Metered - this allows you to charge for the add-on depending on customer use, for example, these could be minutes or miles. If you select metered, then the auto-billing function of the recurring plan is disabled.
One-Time - this allows you to give your customer the add-on only one time. The system will apply this charge to the next recurring billing cycle only.

Customer Management Setting
Editable Quantity: Toggle the radio button to On if you want to allow the customer to add more than one of the add-ons
Selectable by Customer: Toggle the radio button to On if you want the customer to be able to add the add-on to their plan through the customer portal

Click on Save to create the add-on.

Applying Add-Ons to Subscribers

Once you have created an add-on, you can apply it to a subscriber by clicking Subscribers from within the Manage Plan menu, then picking the subscriber you want to apply the add-on to. Next, click on Subscriber Add-Ons from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen You will now see a list of your available subscriber add-ons. Click the Check Mark under Active to include an add-on with a customer subscription. Click Save to apply the add-on. A confirmation message will appear confirming that the change has been made.

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