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Using Deposit Requests

Deposit Requests provide a simple way for merchants to request a deposit on Due Invoices by sending out a quick email directly to their customers.

Request Deposits for Invoices

By clicking on any Due invoice within the Invoices section of your Helcim Commerce account, you can perform a variety of actions including view online, print, create PDF, send email copy, request deposit, duplicate the invoice, send pay now email, or process a payment.

If you select Request Deposit an email will be sent to remind your customer that they have an outstanding invoice. This email will include a link to their invoice with a Pay Deposit button so they can easily make a deposit.

This option will be available if the invoice is in DUE status. Sending an Deposit Request will send the customer an invoice that includes a Pay Deposit button making it easy for your customers to complete their deposit.

Click on Request Deposit to open the email options. The form will auto-populate with the customer's information that is saved in the customer profile or invoice. You can click through the text boxes to edit the To, From, Subject, and Email Body fields.

To determine the amount of the deposit, use the Deposit field and click on % for a percentage of the invoice total or $ for a specific deposit amount for your customers. You can also determine a due date for the Deposit by using the Due Date field.

Once you have your email content and deposit amount in place, click on Send in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

You will see a confirmation message pop-up in the top right-hand corner of your screen confirming the message has been sent.

When your customer receives the email and opens the URL in the email they will see a copy of their invoice which they can pay by clicking Pay Deposit. They can also download the invoice with the Download PDF button, or leave a note on the invoice with the Notes button.

Once the deposit has been completed, the Invoice will now be updated to reflect the Amount Due.

After your customer has made their deposit it will show in the Transactions section of the Invoice overview. If a refund or void of the deposit is needed, can follow the same procedure found here .

Cancelling or Changing a Deposit Request

To change a deposit amount it must first be cancelled and then another deposit request must be created with the new amount.

Deposit Requests can only be cancelled if the customer has not made the deposit payment. To cancel a Deposit Request, click the Actions dropdown and select Cancel Deposit. Click Yes to confirm. You will then see an onscreen confirmation that the deposit has been cancelled.

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