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Syncing a Device - Mobile

The information in this article pertains to merchants who have signed up for Helcim from June 1, 2020, onward. If you are using Helcim's Legacy system, please click here.

You can use the Helcim Payments app and the Helcim Card Reader on your mobile device by downloading the app on your smartphone.

After you have downloaded the device, get started by clicking on the app icon to open the application. Next, log into the app using your Helcim username and password, these are the same credentials that you used to set up your account originally. Tap on Log In when you’re done entering the information. Next, enter a nickname for this device so you can easily recognize it in your account. If you have not already set up a PIN for your device you will also be asked to enter one now. You can create a unique PIN between 4-10 numbers to quickly log in to the app in the future. Next, you will see a message that the device has been successfully saved to your account. If you have received your Helcim Card Reader and would like to set up the device, click on Set up a Card Reader. If you have not ordered a Helcim Card Reader, or if you will not be accepting in-person payments, simply click on Go to Dashboard. If you have selected Set up a Card Reader you will now follow the directions displayed in the app to complete the Device Setup.

  1. Type 0``0``0``1 into the Card Reader keypad to bring up the Admin Menu
  2. Press 1 or the Green Button to select Communication Type
  3. Press 4 or scroll down to select Bluetooth then press the Green Button to select it
  4. Press the Yellow Button twice to change screens to the Save and Reboot screen
  5. Please 1 or the Green Button to reboot the Helcim Card Reader
  6. Once the Helcim Card Reader has rebooted, press Next Step on your tablet to continue the pairing process

After completing all the steps on the screen click on Next Step to continue. You will now pair your Helcim Card Reader with your iOS or Android smartphone. Follow the steps displayed in the Helcim Payments app to complete this step.

  1. Enter 0``0``0``1 in the keypad of your Helcim Card Reader to access the Admin Menu
  2. Press 3 or Scroll Down to the menu option Bluetooth Parameters and press the Green Button to select this option
  3. Press 2 or Scroll Down to the Phone Pairing menu option and press the Green Button
  4. Next, on your phone, navigate to where the Bluetooth options are, often under Settings on the device, and search for Available Devices. In the screenshot below you will see that under the phone’s Settings Bluetooth is turned On and the phone has found the available Helcim Card Reader.
  5. Select the Helcim Card Reader from the list of Available Devices and confirm the pairing code on both devices by clicking Pair on your tablet, and the Green Button on your card reader
  6. Once done, click on Next Step in the Helcim Payments App on your device to continue.

Once you have paired your phone with the Helcim Card Reader, return to the Helcim Payments app and click on Next Step to continue.

You can now tap on the drop-down menu to bring up a list of available devices. It should show the card reader you just paired with your phone in the previous step. Click on the device to select it and then click on Connect. After you click on Connect the app will sync the files with the Helcim Card Reader. Once the sync has loaded to 100% it will move to the next screen. Next, select how you want to connect the device, either Bluetooth or WiFi by clicking the button. The device will be connected by Bluetooth already, if you select WiFi you will need to select your network to continue. The device will now sync, this may take a few minutes, please be patient. Once the device sync is complete, click on Done, the app will take you to the New Payments screen and you’re ready to begin accepting payments. You can check on the status of your Helcim Card Reader by viewing the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The icon will be green when the device is connected.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a few helpful tips that may help you troubleshoot any issues with the initial sync:

  • If the Helcim Payments app stops responding, try closing the app completely and restarting it
  • You can restart the Helcim Card Reader by pressing the * key and the Yellow Button at the same time
  • If the device isn't connecting by Bluetooth, try removing the device from the list of available devices under your phone's Bluetooth settings before then re-connecting it before moving forward with the instructions

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