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Syncing a Device - Workstation

Once you have added your preferred device and downloaded the Helcim Payments app, you are ready to connect your Helcim Card Reader with the Helcim Payments app.

Begin by opening up the Helcim Payments app and logging in. You can check on the status of the Helcim Card Reader at any time by clicking on the Card Reader Icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

When you log in to the Helcim Payments app for the first time, the icon will not have any color associated with it. After you have synced the Helcim card reader with the app you will be able to check the status of the card reader by referencing the icon color in the top right-hand corner of your screen. The icon will be red when the Helcim Payments app is not connected to the Helcim Card Reader, the icon will be green when the Helcim Payments app is connected to the Helcim Card Reader.

The Helcim Card Reader page shows the card reader status and allows you to Sync Device if you are reconnecting an existing device, or to run the Setup Wizard if you are connecting your Helcim Card Reader for the first time.

Toggle the Terminal Mode option to On if you want to process payments without initiating the payment from the app. This option is most commonly used by restaurants or merchants who operate in a mobile environment. Or for businesses who are not in front of their workstation, tablet or mobile phone regularly.

Setup Wizard

To connect your Helcim Card Reader to your device for the first time, click on Setup Wizard. The app will detect if the Helcim Card Reader is currently connected through a USB port on your computer. Once the app detects the card reader, you will see a confirmation screen indicating that the card reader has been connected by USB. Click on Next Step to continue syncing the device. The app will now sync with the Helcim Card Reader, this process may take a few minutes to complete. Once the app confirms the device sync was successful, you can click on Next Step. You will now be asked to confirm if you are connecting the card reader by USB or by WiFi, click on the corresponding button to confirm your selection.

USB Connection

Unless you require mobile capability, we recommend connecting the Helcim Card Reader via USB for a more consistent connection.

Once you click on USB the app will begin to sync with the card reader. You have now successfully set up your Helcim Card Reader, click on Done to complete the process. Your Helcim Card Reader will now show Connected in green, and you are ready to begin accepting payments.

WiFi Connection

Once you click on WiFi, the app will ask you to enter the WiFi SSID and the WiFi Password for the WiFi network that you are using.

Type in your WiFi information, then click on Connect. The card reader will now sync with your WiFi. You will need to enter the local IP address of the Helcim Card Reader to confirm that the workstation you are using and the card reader are on the same network. To continue syncing the device, please enter the Local IP address of the device that is displayed on the card reader screen. Once you have entered the IP address, click on Connect. The setup wizard will now confirm the IP addresses of the two devices are the same and complete the sync. Once connected, the card reader icon in your top menu bar will turn green to indicate it is connected to your device and it will display a WiFi symbol to indicate the connectivity type. Click on Done to exit the setup wizard. You have now connected your card reader to the Helcim Payments app using WiFi.

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