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Processing a Manual Transaction

The information in this article pertains to merchants who have signed up for Helcim from June 1, 2020, onward. If you are using Helcim's Legacy system, please click here.

Follow these steps to process a card-not-present transaction.



If you need to process a manual or keyed transaction, begin by clicking on New Payments from within the Helcim Payments app.
Begin by entering the transaction amount. Next, select Advanced Options from above the keypad on your screen. Under Advanced Options you can switch between accepting payments using the card reader for card-present transactions or Manual Entry for card-not-present transactions. For a keyed-in transaction, you will want to change the Entry Type to be Manual Entry. After you have selected Manual Entry, click on the forward-facing arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Now enter your customer information into the text boxes on the Credit Card Information screen and click on Process Payment. You will see a payment in progress screen while the transaction is processed. Once complete, the app will take you to an approval page. Click on New Payment if you would like to process another transaction, or select one of the receipt options to issue a record of the payment to your customer.

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