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Adding a Quick Item in the Point-of-Sale

You can create Quick Items from the Point-of-Sale if there is an item that you need to add to the cart for a specific transaction but that you do not want to add to your product catalog as a permanent item.

To do this, navigate to the POS screen and select the ... in the top right-hand corner of the POS. This will open the actions menu, you can now select Add Quick Item. You can now enter the product details including product name, price, deposit, and a note for the transaction. Save Permanently: Toggle this option On if you want to add this product to your product catalog for use on future orders. Selecting this option will also prompt you to select a category for the product and enter the SKU or Barcode for the item.

You can also adjust the tax settings for this item. Once you are done entering the product or item details, click on Create Item.

The tax settings selected on this screen will affect the current sale only, not the tax exemption status of the product if you also opt to save the product permanently.

The item will be automatically added to the cart and you’re ready to proceed with the order or process the payment for the customer.

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