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Installing the ZJ-5809 Lightweight Thermal Printer

Follow the setup instructions below to connect the Helcim Payments app with the ZJ-5809 Lightweight Thermal Printer.

Workstation Instructions for Windows

To begin, you will need to install the drivers to connect the printer to your Helcim Payments app. You can access the necessary files here.

Click on Next to begin the installation.
Then select Install.

Now, you will need to connect the printer to your device using the USB cord, once it is connected select ZJ-58 Series Printer.

After this is done, click on USB Port Check in the setup wizard to continue the installation.
Once the port has been confirmed click on Begin Setup to continue. Once the setup is completed, you will be given the option to print a test page. If you want to test the printer you can select Print Test Page, otherwise select OK to close the screen. Your setup is now complete.
If the printer is not showing as an option in the Destination drop-down menu when you go to print, you will need to click on See more at the bottom of the list, then search for the printer.
After you search for and select the printer you will be able to continue printing as usual.

Workstation Instructions for macOS

To begin installing the printer on your Mac Workstation, you will need to start by downloading the files. You can access the necessary files here.

Next, open the ZJ-5809Driver.pkg, then open and run the installer.
Once this is complete you can click Close.

Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd ⌘ and SPACE then search for Printers and Scanners and click Add (+) to set up a printer.
Next, select STMicroelectronics USB Portable Printer. A test page will print. Under Use choose Select Software to open a new window, then search through the list and select Helcim ZJ-5809. You can choose to change the name of the printer to ZJ-5809 or leave it as is.
The printer setup is now complete and you should see the printer displayed on your device.
We recommend saving the settings in the image below as a preset (specifically the paper-size) to make printing receipts faster.
Once you have selected the settings, click on the drop-down for Presets and select Save Current Settings as Preset...

When printing receipts, a new preview window will open. You can select print from this window to issue a receipt for your customers.

Tablet and Mobile Device Instructions for Android

To begin installing the printer on your mobile device or tablet, start by turning it on. Once the printer is on, it will be automatically detected by your device.

Next, open your device's Bluetooth settings and find the Bluetooth Printer. Select the Bluetooth Printer and pair the printer with your device. When prompted for the PIN, enter with 1 2 3 4 or 0 0 0 0.
Once you have successfully paired the Helcim Payments app with the printer, open the app and select Settings Icon and select ZJ-5809 Portable Thermal Printer from the list of available devices.

Your printer is now installed and ready to use.

Tablet and Mobile Device Instructions for iOS

To use the printer with your iOS tablet or mobile device, begin by turning the printer on.

As long as the printer is on it will be discoverable by your iOS device. If you are pairing multiple printers to multiple iOS devices we recommend turning them on one at a time to pair as the printers all have the same device name. Connecting and disconnecting the printer will be handled through the Helcim Payments app, not your device settings.

To begin connecting the printer with your Helcim Payments app open the app and click on the Settings icon. Next, select Local Peripherals and Add Printer. The app will now begin scanning for all available ZJ-5809 Thermal Printers and will populate the field under Bluetooth Name when you select the drop-down menu. After selecting the printer, you can customize the name using the Printer Name text box so you can uniquely identify that print. Ex. Front Desk Printer, Kitchen Printer, Sales Desk A After you have selected and named your printer, you can select Save. If this is the only printer added to your app it will be automatically assigned as your default printer.

If you have multiple printers available on your app, you can set the default printer by checking the box on the left-hand side of the printer name. You will see a confirmation message confirming that your default printer has been changed.

Your printer is now installed and you’re ready to begin printing receipts.

Troubleshooting the ZJ-5809 Lightweight Thermal Printer

Here are some helpful tips for installing and using the ZJ-5809 Lightweight Thermal Printer.

The indicator light is flashing red when printing:

  • This can be due to the printer head becoming too warm, if printing no longer works please contact Helcim Support for assistance.

You can’t search for the printer when connecting it by Bluetooth:

  • This can be due to printer defects on certain devices, confirm you’re installing the printer on a supported device.

The error icon is flashing red when printing:

  • This usually means the printer tray is empty, please reload the paper.

The receipts include additional characters at the top once printed:

  • Try restarting the printer, then reprint a receipt. If the issue continues please contact the Helcim Gurus.

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