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What to Expect With Legacy Helcim Migration

The first thing you will notice when the migration is active, upon logging in, is a new banner and pop-up notification asking you to begin the migration process. When you are ready to migrate your account, please click on the banner (on your web account) or follow the prompts on the pop up.

If you need to delay the migration, please dismiss the pop-up by clicking the X in the top right-hand corner. After you select Start Migration, please follow these steps:

  • A page asking for your business information will appear first. You will see many fields already filled in, as well as some potentially blank. This is the information you would have told us when you first signed up for your account.
  • Please fill in any fields that are missing, double check the pre-filled fields, and update if any are incorrect.

Below the business information you'll see a section for your Bank Account Information. If it is filled in with the correct information, you can ignore this section and click the Next button.

  • If, however, you need to change the information, you can use either Plaid or upload a void check by clicking Change Bank Info.
  • Plaid simply requires a log in to your bank account, and uploading a void check requires a clearly visible check to be uploaded.

Please see the pictures below for additional details
Clicking Next will lead to the Equipment Information step.

This page allows you to order equipment for your business. The Helcim Card Reader is the successor to the Helcim Mobile Card Swiper, and if you require a mobile payment solution, this is the option for you. The other two options are a stand for the card reader and a printer for receipts.

Please confirm whether your device will be compatible with the Helcim Card Reader and Helcim Payments App prior to ordering:

Once you confirm the selection, the equipment order will be placed once you click Schedule Migration at the end of the third step. Clicking Next will lead to the Owner and Employee Information step, the third and final step.

All employees entered in this step will receive their new login information after your account has been migrated.

Completing this information and the previous page should take under 5 minutes for most businesses.

  • Once you have reviewed and agreed to our Terms of Service and Helcim Privacy Policy, click Schedule Migration - the information will be sent to the Helcim team and you are in line for Migration! Your migration is scheduled.
  • You will receive an email prompting you to schedule an appointment with an Helcim Merchant Experience Specialist once you have completed the pop up. They will walk you through all the setup details of your new equipment and account.

Please ensure that you schedule an appointment through this link, as your equipment will not properly activate prior to this. If you have ordered equipment, please do not schedule the appointment until you have the equipment with you. If you did NOT order equipment, you can proceed to scheduling the appointment right away.

  • Once complete, you will receive an email letting you know your new account has been set up along with your new username and a link to set up your password. When you receive the email, you will have to log in to your new account, as your old login will no longer be active.
  • Click the link in the email, set up your new password, and log in at

Welcome to Helcim's new merchant platform!

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns during the process. Our Support Team is ready for your questions and is looking forward to helping you get acquainted with the new system.

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