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Input Properties

Property Name Description
terminalIp Set the terminal ip address
terminalPort Set the terminal port number
amount Set sending amount, decimals are implied. eg. $1 is 100
invoiceNumber Set invoice number if enabled on terminal
clerkId Set clerk Id

Output Properties

Property Name Type Description
MID String MID on terminal
TID String TID on terminal
response Integer Response of transaction. 1 = Approved 0 = Declined
responseMessage String Response message of Transaction
responseCode String Response code from transaction
batchTotal Integer Current batch Total
batchNumber Integer Current batch number
batchSaleTotal Integer Current batch sale total
batchSaleTotalCount Integer Current batch sale count
batchRefundTotal Integer Currnet batch refund total
batchRefundTotalCount Integer Currnet batch refund count
batchVoidTotal Integer Current batch void total
batchVoidTotalCount Integer Current batch void count
batchCashBackTotal Integer Current batch cashback total
cardType String Card type used in transaction
cardEntry String Card entry used in transaction
CardNumber String protected card number
referenceNumber String Terminal generated number
authorizationNumber String
connectionLog String Log of every event happening

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