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Terminal Setup

To setup the terminal for Semi-Integration follow these steps:

  • Setup Communications
    • .,#* (admin Menu) -> 9 (Misc. Options) -> 1 (Semi-Integrated) -> 2 (Communication Type) -> 3 (Ethernet)
      • Here you will see the IP to use, and you can enter a port number.
  • Enable Semi-Integrated
    • .,#* (admin Menu) -> 9 (Misc. Options) -> 1 (Semi-Integrated) -> 1 (Enable SemiInteg) -> "On"
      • When you go back to the main menu the message should now say "Welcome/Bonjour"
      • To switch back to stand-alone mode Press F1

If you receive this message "Feature not enabled" Please contact Customer Support @ +1 (877) 643-5246

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