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An Overview of the Helcim Dashboard

The information in this article is for merchants using Helcim's Legacy System. If you signed up for Helcim on or after June 1, 2020, please click here.

The Helcim Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your account including recent updates from Helcim and quick links to update your account information.

The Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log in to your Helcim Account. From the dashboard you can use any of the tool icons on the left-hand side of the screen to navigate to different sections of your account. Selecting the All Tools icon at the top of the list will also display all the available tools and features in your account.
Under the My Account heading you are able to see which account you are logged into. If you have access to multiple accounts, you can switch to a different account by clicking on Change next to your account name. Once you click on the account, you will be rerouted back to the Dashboard of that account.

In the middle of your Dashboard you will see recent announcements from Helcim. Below the announcements are clickable icons that allow you to quickly perform common actions. Clicking on any of the squares will take you to that section of My Account, allowing you to edit or update your information.

Personal Information - View or update your personal details and home address
Security Settings - View or update your Security PIN or set up Two-Factor Authentication for your account
Communication Preferences - Manage which systems alerts you receive
Change Your Password - Update your password
Change Your Email - Update the email address associated with your account
Access Logs - View when your account was accessed
Finally, in the bottom left-hand corner of your account you can click on the drop-down menu next to your name to quickly access your user settings, or to logout of your account.

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