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Advanced Store Options

To view the online store options for your Analytics Code, Custom Code, or Meta-Tags, click on Online Store and Advanced Options. You can select Analytics Code, Meta-Tags, or DNS Record from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Analytics Code

Use this text box to enter any custom code you want to apply to your website. To write Javascript, wrap your code using the tag <script>. To write CSS, wrap your code using the tag <style>. You can also use this text box to enter tracking codes from your preferred analytics site. For example, from Google Analytics.


Meta-tags are small sections of text that you can add to your website's code to describe a page's content. The meta-tags that you add to your website that will only be visible to the search engine. If you would like to add meta-tags to your online store, you can do so here.

Adding a New Meta-Tag

To create a new meta-tag, click on New Meta Tag in the top right-hand corner of your screen. You can now enter in the tag details. Tag Identifier: This is for your reference only, so you can quickly identify what the tag is for.
Tag HTML: Follow the format outlined in the text box to input the meta-tag. (<meta=ADD YOUR CONTENT HERE>)

Commerce automatically generates many of these tags using the properties of your Commerce data and these automatically generated tags can't be overridden.

Click on Save to create your meta-tag.

Editing Meta-Tags

If you need to edit a meta-tag after it has been created, simply click on the tag from the main page to re-open the text boxes. You are now able to change the content of the meta-tag, or re-name it. Click on Save to apply your changes.

Deleting a Meta-Tag

To delete an existing meta-tag, simply click on the Trash Can icon next to the tag on the main landing page. Then click Yes to confirm you want to delete the meta-tag.

DNS Record

To review how to use a subdomain of an existing website domain for your Helcim Online Store, please visit our support article here.

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