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Payment Settings

Use the Payment options to edit how customers checkout.
You can use the payment options to specify alternate payment options if you do not want to accept payment directly at checkout.
Credit Card Pre-Authorization Only: If this button is set to On, all purchases will go through as pre-authorizations only. This is used when you want to review the order before you agree to fulfill it and accept the payment. Once an order is reviewed, you can capture the transaction and collect payment. If you choose not to fulfill the order for security or other reasons, the pre-authorized amount on the credit card will be returned to the customer in 10-30 days, depending on the policies of the customer's bank.

No-Payment Invoicing: Toggle the radio button On to remove the credit card information pages and collect the billing and shipping information. Once the customer completes the checkout an invoice will be generated for the customer's order. Use this function if you want to send an invoice for the purchase after the customer order has been received.

Invoice Type: By default online store purchases will be recorded as Orders, if you want to specify a different classification you can use the drop-down menu to select from Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, Estimate, Quote, Statement or Registration.

Click on Save to apply your changes.

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