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Shipping and Pickup Settings

You can specify your shipping method depending on your business needs. Configure your store to offer popular shipping options, pick up, or delivery.

One this page you can specify if you want to offer shipping for your online store orders, or pickup.


If you store offers Shipping options you can customize the choices here. The specific shipping details and pricing need to be added under your settings.

Allow Different Billing Address: Toggle this button to On to allow customers to enter a different shipping address from the billing address. Although it can have somewhat of an impact on legitimate sales, by only allowing the shipping destination to be the same as the billing address, you can greatly reduce your exposure to fraud. Fraudsters will often use the billing address of the stolen cardholder but will put their own address for the shipping destination.

If you're offering shipping, you need to have added at least one shipping method to your Helcim account before you can use the Online Store. If you want to offer a combination of shipping and pickup options, you can add free Pick-Up as a Shipping Option for your store under Shipping Method in your settings.


You can specify how soon after ordering customers can pickup items from your location and when your pickup slots are available for using the Pickup options in the Online Store. These options are linked to your Store Hours, so be sure to specify when you are open for the times to generate accurately.

Allow Different Pickup Information: Toggle this option On if you want to allow customers to enter different billing and pickup information. For example, the customer might place the order and pay using their credit card but ask another person to pick up the order for them.

Pre-Order Days (For Restaurants Only): Enter the number of days (between 1-7) your business will allow customers to order in advance through the online store. The maximum amount of days a customer can order in advance is 7.

Buffer Time (in minutes): Enter the soonest amount of time after an order has been placed that you want to allow customers to pickup the item. For example, if you're a restaurant offering takeout and it usually takes 20 minutes to prepare an order, you would enter 20 minutes in this box.

Time Interval: Use the drop-down menu to select the time intervals you want to offer pickup slots for, these will generate the pickup options based on the Buffer time you entered in the previous box and the amount of time you entered into this box.

For example: If your Buffer Time is 20 minutes and your Time Interval is 30 minutes and a customer places an order at 7:00 PM, the soonest they could pick up their item would be 7:20 PM. They would also be able to select pickup times of 7:50 PM, 8:20 PM, 8:50 PM etc....

Order Limit
If you want to limit the number of orders that can be placed for each timeslot you can enter that limit here. For example, if you can accept 5 orders every 20 minutes, enter 5. By default this field will be Order Limit 0 which means there is no limit on the number of orders.

All pickup orders need to be made for the same day they are placed, if you're a retail location or business that offers pickup for the next day or you need a few days to put orders together you can create a Pickup Shipping method instead.

Once a customer places a pickup order you will see the order under Invoicing and Order Manager with the pickup details in the comments for that order.

Click on Save to apply your changes.

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