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Creating a Quick-Order Menu

Your Helcim account includes ecommerce options that make it easy to accept online food orders.

You can create a Quick-Order Menu to make it easy for customers to submit their food orders. Helcim Online Food Ordering uses information that is already saved in your Helcim account and applies it to your online store.

Follow these steps to create a Quick-Order Menu:

  • Add Products to your account
  • Or, use the Product Import feature to upload multiple products at once
  • Sort products by Category so it’s easy for customers to find what they’re looking for Create Product Add-Ons for the different Categories
  • Edit Product-Add Ons for each Product if required
  • Add any required Variants to your Products

Once you have added your Products and Categories and created any required Product Add-Ons and Variants you’re ready to create your Quick-Order Menu. To get started, click on Online Store and Store Settings.

Under the General Store Settings Page toggle the radio button to Enable Quick-Order Mode to On.

There will now be a page for Quick-Order on your website.

Customers are now able to quickly browse through your menu, select items, customize their choices, and add them to their cart to check out.

Some Tips to help you set up your Quick-Order Menu: If you’re adding products to your store for the first time, use the Import option to quickly add multiple products, when adding new products ensure you select Available Online to have products appear on your website, and visit the support articles linked above for additional assistance in setting up your Product Catalog.

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