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Payment Requests (Invoicing)

This documentation is for the legacy Helcim Virtual Terminal. New merchants should refer to the Helcim Commerce documentation.

Our Payment Request feature lets you request amounts from any customer by email. Your customer then visits our secure payment page to enter their credit card information securely. Once paid, an email receipt is sent to you and your customer. The payment will appear as part of your transaction list, fully integrated with the rest of your Virtual Terminal account. This feature works in conjunction with our Hosted Payment Pages.

Creating a New Payment Request

  • Select a payment page. This page will determine what fields are shown as well as the look and field of the page. If none are already created, the system will create a default one for you.
  • Enter an amount.
  • Enter a customer's email address.
  • (Optional) You can enter order and product information.
  • Click Save and Send Request Please Note If you do not enter an email address, a payment request will be created but no email will be sent. You can then copy and paste the generated URL and provide the URL to your customer manually.

Checking Paid and Unpaid Requests

  • To see the status of payments, click on Payment Requests in the top menu.
  • This screen shows the payment requests you have sent.
  • You can filter the requests by PAID and UNPAID and by DATE using the drop down menu and clicking on Search When a transaction is completed, you may receive an automatic email depending on your Automatic Email Receipt Settings.

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